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Adamo’s Pasta is the brainchild of Adamo Pavirani. With a long family history steeped in fresh Pasta, parents Marisa and Lino Pavirani established Center Pasta in Western sydney which ran for 25 years as a staple with locals.

Adamo’s Pasta opened its doors in 2007 and has continuously grown with a diverse range of wholesale and retail clients with further scope for expansion in the future. Since opening Adamo’s has received many accolades and often awarded for our products. 2013 saw the opening of the purpose built retail and cafe space fo the product to be better showcased. Fresh Pasta is our game and passion, endeavouring to produce the highest quality and traditional products with ‘Keeping the traditional alive’ to best serve all of our clients delivering the true taste of Italy.


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Adamo’s Pasta represents freshness, quality and authenticity in one bite. Technology, technique and creativity are the mix for an exceptional final product. Pasta recipes are based on highest quality and fresh ingredients producing perfectly balanced flavours. The look is pure Italy. Pasta is arranged in artistic coils, giving a presence to the ribbons of pasta – each portion artfully designed to tantalize your taste buds through the medium of sight.

Flat Pasta

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Filled Pasta

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Ready Made Pasta

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Adamos Pasta has a broad spectrum of clients ranging from large distrubutors through to the local Pizzeria. We are always looking for new relationships to deliver the best Pasta to your business. We are passionate about quality and tradition and aim to find like minded suppliers – Our products are currently represented through several distrubutors accross NSW along with a large client base showcasing our resh pasta products within Sydney metropolitan and Canberra.

If you are a Restaurant, specialty store, Delicatessan, Caterer, Cafeteria, Crocer or lover of Pasta, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us. If you would like to arrange a sample, plase leave your details below.

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Adamo's Pasta

723-725 Botany Rd

Rosebery NSW 2018

Ph: 02 9310 7033

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Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 7:30

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Sunday: CLOSED