2 Hungry Guys Review – Adamo’s Pasta, Rosebery – By Princes Porky

Adamo’s Pasta established themselves as experts in fresh pasta by providing homemade pasta and other products to the wholesale and retail markets. They then expanded further by opening up their little eatery in the heart of Rosebery in order to showcase their fresh pasta.

Here in their café, they have an array of products which they sell direct to the public as well as continuing their wholesale and retail business. Their products range from pasta, chilli oil, vinegar, right through to ready-made fresh and frozen pasta dishes. The perfect solution after work – a family sized lasagne which easily bakes in the oven at home.

You also have the opportunity to sample their amazingly fresh pasta in their café. Their simple menu is displayed on the wall as you walk in. Pick your pasta, pick your sauce and voila! Fresh pasta, made to order within minutes.

The café has a very comfortable ambiance. Non pretentious, the type of place you can sit and relax in without feeling pressured or rushed. You can almost picture nonna walking out of the kitchen with a steaming plate of pasta in reality, you will be served by a team of friendly and helpful staff. Feel free to ask for recommendations as they have some clear best selling dishes here!

If pasta is not on the cards for you, then there is always a selection of fresh salads for you to choose from. Also on their menu are other non-pasta alternatives such as piadina, arancini, or meatballs to name a few.

We started our meal with an amazing antipasto dish. Burrata on a bed of pomegranate juice, baby spinach, hazelnuts and crispy parmesan cheese. Amazing, and plated up as beautifully as any fine dining restaurant. The burrata was fresh and incredibly creamy, which contrasted perfectly with the pomegranate juice which was just sweet enough without overpowering the dish. And then some fantastic texture in the crunchy hazelnuts and parmesan crisp. An absolute must order dish to start your meal!

We then enjoyed a crowd pleaser, spaghetti marinara. Fresh homemade spaghetti with fresh prawns, mussels, baby octopus, clams and calamari. Immediately, you get a sense of the quality of seafood that goes into this dish. Fresh, meaty morsels of seafood and quite a generous portion. The pasta is perfectly al dente with a nice bite in the texture, along with a deliciously rich tomato sauce.

Our other pasta dish was their absolute best seller. And who can really go past a good homemade beef lasagne? A rich beef sauce that had clearly been simmering for quite some time as it was packed full of flavour. The combination of cheeses were brilliant, with just the right levels of gooey and creamy flavours and textures. Served with extra parmesan or chilli oil on the side. Quite deserving of the ‘most popular dish’ title!

We were then given a lovely cup of coffee using Gabriel beans, one of the best coffee roasters in town. Smooth and creamy and went superbly with our dessert!

What better than homemade cannoli to wrap up our lovely lunch. Fresh ricotta fillings, one vanilla bean and the other nutella. Whilst both were delicious, the nutella came out slightly on top. But then, we all know that nutella enhances everything, right?

We had a delightful lunch at Adamo’s Pasta. A simple no-nonsense eatery who showcase their homemade pastas by providing an excellent range of take home products and eat-in dishes. And all served with a smile by their amazing and friendly staff. If you love your Italian food, and quite frankly, who doesn’t? Then you need to drop into Adamo’s Pasta. This is a carb coma that you won’t regret!

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